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The Costa del Sol is interested in expanding its tourism market by concentrating part of its efforts on the language travel market. Director of Tourism and Planning, Arturo Bernai said that there is a huge potential for this type of travel in Spain especially for German speakers. He says that the backbone of this type of travel is obviously great weather throughout the year but also prestigious language learning schools as students attending these schools have a real advantage at learning Spanish. Bernai goes on to say that this type of travel is one of the best as it “builds customer loyalty”; the young students looking to immerse themselves in Spanish culture get emotionally involved. Through different programmes they find the opportunity to meet & spend time with genuine Spanish speakers to see who they live, laugh and love. This creates a bond between the tourist and Spain, therefore increasing the chances of the student to come back to year after year. In addition Spain is already popular amongst Germans, trying to make language travel popular amongst its students is only logical.