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For decades Marbella has been a synonym for luxury tourism. Today it remains a benchmark and has evolved to become much more than just a tourist destination. Of course its microclimate which offers average temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius and about 320 days of sun would attract anyone. However Marbella has been long in the making and now offers five stars service: its cuisine, its golf courses, its luxury, its beaches and its natural environment. In terms of cuisine the city houses four Michelin starred restaurants with two owned by a local, Dani Garcia. Not bad for a city which has less than 140,000 inhabitants. Its golf courses, all 15 of them, have views on either the Mediterranean Sea, the Sierra Blanca or both at the same time. They all have 18 holes which can be appreciated all year long thanks to Marbella’s microclimate. The city’s luxury trickles down from the from very high end properties, shops, hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars offering its inhabitants a wide variety of luxurious attractions. Its beaches stretch over 27 kilometres of coastline and its beautiful natural environment such as the Sierra Blanca offers views that cannot be seen anywhere else on the globe. If you have a property in Marbella, it’s definitely worth keeping!

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